5th team. Sky-Space

  • "The Starry Night" by  Vincent van Gogh  1889


    This group will study the words related to

    Sky - space

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    Evmorfia Kalovidouri

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    1. Irene Rodríguez  Spain          IES Miguel de Unamuno
    2. Leoluca Valotta Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto"
    3. Antonella Teti Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto"
    4. Agelina Tomara Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    5. Alexandros Petrake Greece 27th General Lykeum of Athens
    6. Diego Salzano Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    7. Maria Tiligada Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    8. Athina Matthaiou Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου


    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    πλανήτης planet planète pianeta planeta Planet planetă
    αστροναύτης astronaut astronaute astronauta astronauta Astronaut astronaut
    άβυσσος abyss abysse abisso abismo Abgrund abis
    ορίζοντας horizon horizon orizzonte horizonte Horizont orizont
    μετεωρίτης meteorite météorite meteorite meteorito Meteorit meteorit
    τηλεσκόπιο telescope télescope telescopio telescopio Teleskop telescop
    γαλαξίας galaxy galaxie galassia galaxia Galaxie galaxie
    αεροδρόμιο aerodrome aérodrome aerodromo aeródromo Flugplatz aerodrom
    οξυγόνο oxygen oxygène ossigeno oxígeno Sauerstoff oxigen
    πιλότος pilot pilote pilota piloto Pilot pilot
    μονοπλάνο monoplane monoplan monoplano monoplano Eindecker monoplan
    ατμόσφαιρα atmosphere atmosphère atmosfera atmósfera Atmosphäre atmosfera
    ελικόπτερο helicopter hélicoptère elicottero helicóptero Helikopter elicopter
    αστεροειδής asteroid astéroïde asteroidi asteroide Asteroid asteroid


    Look for information in online or conventional dictionaries.

    Collect the material from your research in the following google document:

    Click on this link to go to the document

    It would be good for each student pair to use a different color when writing.

    You can now transfer your work to the presentations below:
    Each word will be presented in a different ppt.
    Don't forget to accompany your presentations with the appropriate images.

    Please select carefully (from the table below) the links corresponding to the words assigned to you by the teacher - leader of your team.

    Links to the presentations:

    1. planet 6. telesccope 11. monoplane
    5. astronaut  7. galaxy 12. atmosphere
    2. abyss  8. aerodrome 13. helicopter
    3. horizon  9. oxyzen 14. asteroid
    4. meteorite 10. pilot  


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