9. Emotions/Express yourself!

  • Time for fun! 

    Express your emotions while playing!

    1. Choose emotions or character traits from the following table:

    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    νοσταλγία nostalgia nostalgie nostalgia nostalgia Nostalgie nostalgie
    πανικός panic panique panico pánico Panik panică
    υστερία hysteria hystérie isterismo histeria Hysterie isterie
    υστερικός hysterical hystérique isterico histérico hysterisch isteric
    μανία mania manie mania mania Manie manie
    μανιακός maniac maniaque maniaco maníaco Maniac maniac
    ενθουσιασμός enthusiasm enthousiasme entusiasmo entusiasmo Enthusiasmus entuziasm
    μελαγχολία melancholy mélancolie malinconia melancólico Melancholie melancolie
    εγωισμός egoism égoïsme egoismo egoísmo Egoismus egoism
    συμπάθεια sympathy sympathie simpatia simpatía Sympathie simpatie
    συμπαθητικός sympathetic sympatique simpatica simpático sympathisch simpatic
    φανατικός fanatic fanatique fanatico fanático fanatisch fanatic
    παράδοξος paradox paradoxe paradosso paradoja paradox paradox
    δυναμικός dynamic dynamique dinamico dinámico dynamisch dimanic
    τυπικός typical typique tipico típico typisch tipic
    αριστοκρατικός aristocratic aristocratique aristocratico aristocrático aristokratisch aristocratic
    εξωτικός exotic exotique esotico exótico exotisch exotic
    γενικός general général generale general generell general
    πρακτικός practical pratique pratico práctico praktisch practic
    βάρβαρος barbarian barbare barbaro bárbaro Barbar barbar
    ανώνυμος anonymous anonyme anonimo anónimo anonym anonim
    μυστήριος mysterious mystérieux misterioso misterioso mysteriös misterios
    λακωνικός laconic laconique laconico lacónico lakonisch laconic


    2. Make very small videos (a few seconds) using role play to express the emotions you have chosen.

    3. Deliver these videos to your teacher. Your teacher will post them on the web (WARNING! When posting videos on youtube select "unlisted" so that these videos are visible only to students and teachers on twinspace. No one else will be able to access these videos online.)

    4. Using the application learning apps create multiple choice games entitled "Guess the Emotion".

    Here is our game:

    You can play the game in full screen by clicking on the small icon on the top right.



    Participating students in this activity 

    1. Roberta Brunori   Italy Liceo scientifico statale "G. Berto" ViboValentia    
    2. Antonella Teti Italy   Liceo scientifico statale "G. Berto" ViboValentia    
    3. Elisabetta Suppa Italy Liceo scientifico statale "G. Berto" ViboValentia    
    4. Maria Dakou Greece 27th General Lyceum of Athens  
    5. Antonis Zorpidis Greece 27th General Lyceumof Athens  
    6. Zoi Lymperi Greece Panou school Nafpaktos Greece  
    7. Maria Tiligada Greece Panou school Nafpaktos Greece  
    8. Argiro Tampaki Greece Panou school Nafpaktos Greece  
    9. Zeta Giannopoulou Greece Panou school Nafpaktos Greece