8. Celebrating our Languages through Poetry

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     Let's celebrate our languages through our native poetry! OR

    Let's celebrate poetry through our languages

    Task 1.Search for poetic lines/verses by famous poets of your countries. These lines should be in your native languages and include the word "words". In the link below (Tricider),write the lines in the column 'Ideas'(Press Add New idea at the bottom of Tricider). Then in the column 'Pros and Cons' (press Add Argument), write their translation in English, press pros and your name/city/country. Give comments below the translated verses and after all entries are here, start voting (Provide 2-3 votes) for the verses that impressed you the most!

    NOTE. Not any anonymous ideas/arguments/votes will be accepted.

    Celebrating our languages through Poetry


                                            Words Matter


    Task 2.Now, it's your turn to become poetic! Throughout our project, we celebrated the jouney of words through centuries. Words make us travel, dream, communicate, protest ... So you are invited to write a verse (about 4 lines) including the word "words" and talk about the meaning of words for your life, feelings, thoughts, hopes...

    Write your short poem in  the document the below

          Words Matter Poetry Document



    Here is the poster with the 24 poems written by Greek, Spanish and Italian students. Congratulations to all!

    (Special thanks to the students of the 27th Lyceum of Athens, Alex and Antonis for their contibution for creating the poster)