8th team. Medical Science

  • “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”  Rembrandt 1632

    This group will study the words related to

    Medical  science - biology

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    The teacher in charge of your group is: 

    Belén García del Muro Solans 

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    1. Amanda García       Spain           IES Miguel de Unamuno BHI             
    2. Martina Perpiny Spain INS d'Almenar
    3. Giuseppe Fruci Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto”
    4. Peny Karampela Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    5. Francesco Anichini Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    6. Gerti Sinameta Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    7. Dimitris Goumas Greece 27th General Lyceum of Athens
    8. Oceana Kosmatou Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου


    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    βιολογία biology biologie biologia biología Biologie biologie
    θεραπεία therapy thérapie terapia terapia Therapie terapie
    διάγνωση diagnosis diagnostic diagnosi diagnóstico Diagnose diagnostic
    μικροσκόπιο microscope microscope microscopio microscopio Mikroskop microscop
    πνευμονία pneumonia pneumonie polmonite neumonía Lungenentzündung pneumonie
    διαβήτης diabetis diabetis diabete diabetes Diabetes diabet
    οργανισμός organism organisme organismo organismo Organismus organism
    όργανο  οργανικός organ  organic organe  organique organo  organico órgano  orgánico Organ      Organisch organ  organic
    νεύρο  νευρολογία nerve, neurology nerf, neurologie nervi, neurologia nervio, neurología Nerv      Neurologie nerv, neurologie
    στομάχι stomach estomac stomaco estómago Bauch stomac
    οπτικός optical optique ottico óptico Optiker optic
    αλλεργία allergy allergie allergia alergia Allergie alergie
    φαρμακείο pharmacy pharmacie farmacia farmacia Pharmazie farmacie
    κλινικός clinic clinique clinica clínica Klinik clinică
    επιδερμίδα epidermis épiderme epidermide epidermis Epidermis epidermă
    ανατομία anatomy anatomie anatomia anatomía Anatomie anatomie
    έμβρυο embryo embryon embrione embrión Embryo embrion
    θερμόμετρο thermometer thermomètre termometro Termómetro Thermometer termometru
    μικρόβιο microbe microbe microbo microbio Mikrobe microb
    αμνησία amnesia amnésie amnesia amnesia Amnesie amnezie


    Look for information in online or conventional dictionaries.

    Collect the material from your research in the following google document:

    Click on this link to go to the document

    It would be good for each student pair to use a different color when writing.

    You can now transfer your work to the presentations below:
    Each word will be presented in a different ppt.
    Don't forget to accompany your presentations with the appropriate images.

    Please select carefully (from the table below) the links corresponding to the words assigned to you by the teacher - leader of your team.

    Links to the presentations:

    1. biology 8. organ 15. clinic
    2. therapy 9. organic 16. epidermis
    3. diagnosis 10. nerve 17. anatomy
    4. microscope 11. stomach 18. embryo
    5. pneumonia 12. optical 19. thermometer
    6. diabetes 13. allergy 20. microbe
    7. organism 14. pharmacy 21. amnesia


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