1. "Music against Corona"

  • This project gives us the chance to express our thoughts about Corona crisis in a creative way. We send message of solidarity to all of those who are affected by Corona.

    We participate in the Music project of musician Martin Buchholz and friends. In the Corona Crisis we connect via music and language with people all around the world and with participants in other etwininngprojects as well when we share our contribution on the padlet.


    1. Translate the song into your / a European language. It can be a poetic translation.
        The text must match the rhythm.

    2. Sing or play the song
         by playing the instrumental version so that tempo, rhythm and key match.

        Free choice: flute, trumpet, piano, drum, triangle ... fantasy instrument.

        Record your music and put it on the padlet.

        To anonymize the video, you can show a picture: Your piano, your trumpet,
        your pet …. or a flower.

    3. Alternatively, create an artistic contribution to the song: drawing, photo….

    Goal: In the end we want to put all parts together into a colorful audio picture.



    1. Übersetze das Lied in (d)eine europäische Sprache. Es darf eine freie
        Übersetzung sein. Achte darauf, dass der Text in den Rhythmus passt.
    2. Singe oder spiele das Lied:
        Spiele dabei die Instrumentalversion, damit Tempo, Rhythmus und Tonart

        Freie Wahl: Flöte, Trompete, Klavier, Trommel, Triangle … Phantasieinstrument.
        Nimm deine Musik auf und stelle die Aufnahme auf das padlet.

        Um das Video zu anonymisieren, zeige ein Bild: Dein Musikinstrument, dein
        Haustier ….  eine Blume.

    3. Kreiere alternativ einen künstlerischen Beitrag zum Lied: Zeichnung, Foto ….

    Ziel: Am Schluss wollen wir alles zu einem bunten Hörbild zusammensetzen.

    Working materials:

    Texts, sheetmusic, playback instrumental:

    Light a candle_Sheetmusic.pdf

    LIGHT A CANDLE_Text.pdf



  • Results

    "Accendi una candela"

    English- Italian version of the song.The students of the 3g Liceo Scientifico Statale " G. Berto" translated the lyrics and Lorenzo Grillo edited the video.

    Collaborative translation in latin / IES Unamuno BHI

    Collaborative translation in Latin after the German song: Zünde eine Kerze an

    Anna Chalantzouka (Panou School, Nafpaktos,GR), Antonis Zorpidis (27General Lyceum of Athens, GR) Music for corona

    This video version of the German song "Zünde eine Kerze an" against coronavirus translated into English and Greek is a product of an online collaboration between the 2 Greek schools in different cities of Greece (Nafpaktos and Athens). We wish you all a safe new period!! Anna (singing), Antonis (video production).

    Antonis Zorpidis (27th Lyceum of Athens/Greece)

    Here is our translated into Greek, video version of the German song "Zünde eine Kerze an" against coronavirus. Let's hope things will get better soon! Greetings to all and stay safe!