Easter wishes

  • It's time to wish you a Happy Easter even if this moment is very difficult for us. We think that it is important to be positive and for this reason we invite you to chose a word in the list in your teams and use it to write a message of HOPE. You can exchange messages in the forum and then post them in the twinboard in this page. 




    Thanks a lot for your messages. These are the wods you used.


  • A message of Hope for you..

    Happy Easter, from Leoluca Valotta, Vibo Valentia, Italy

    In this hard time due to this hard situation we’re living, I hope that you can have a great Easter and you can eat many chocolate eggs to gain some energy and happiness! I hope you don't fall into the ABYSS of sadness during these holidays and that you can relax in this difficult moment. Happy Easter to all of you!


    That on this Easter you can find the renewal of hope, greeting, love and the spirit of God. May the Easter dove bring so much serenity and so much joy! And we hope that this great PROBLEM involving all humanity will be resolved as soon as possible. Happy Easter to you and your family!

    Giuseppe Francolino, Vibo Valentia IT

    In these atrocious and prickly days like a SCORPION, the story of the resurrection will give us a radiant Easter. We will rise again as when the splendid green eyes of a PANTHER open in the dark of the night. A special wish goes to all countries, all races, to all humanity who is now, more than any time, in difficulty. A wish for a special Easter and the wish that freedom and health will reign among us again.

    Lorenzo Grillo, Vibo Valentia IT

    I wish you a happy Easter, I hope that this difficult period can pass soon and defeat the covid-19. Being able to travel and taste the GASTRONOMY of other countries as we have always done in recent years. We have to get up together and stronger than before and show that we are stronger than this dangerous virus.

    Happy Easter from Noemi La Gamba, Vibo Valentia, Italy

    In this difficult period characterized by a narrowing of our PERIMETER, in which our SPHERE of spatial action is reduced, I hope that you can have a great Easter and I wish you a heartfelt hope for serenity and peace.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!!

    Marica Latassa (VV)

    In this difficult period for all of us, there is much PANIC around the cities. Many people die all the time. We must remain closed in the house without being able to see our friends. I have much NOSTALGIA of them because I spent most of my time with them. I hope that this period will pass quickly. Happy Easter to you and your family!


    I wish you a happy Easter, and I hope that this difficult period will pass quickly, so we could finally go back to CINEMA to see a beautiful film.

    Roberta Eliana Brunori, Liceo Scientifico G.Berto (Italy)

    We are experiencing a very difficult moment in which we are all making sacrifices. I know that PHRASES like "everything will be fine" and "we will make it" can be trivial, especially because it is hard to stay away from the people we love, but we must believe and hope that everything will end soon. I sincerely wish you a happy Easter, which can bring serenity to you and your family.

    Happy Easter from Fruci Giuseppe,Vibo Valentia Italy

    In this difficult period due to quarantine we must stay home and obviously nobody wants to be forced to do something so keep you nerves firm and enjoy this Easter with your family with joy and happiness.

    Matteo Vitale vibo valentia it

    I wish you a happy Easter, I hope that all of EUROPE can get out of this bad period,soon by rising stronger than before without anyone having supremacy over the other. Because Easter:is union,sharing and rebirth. We hope that our Europe will rise as Jesus rose. Happy Easter

    Giulia Quattrone, Vibo Valentia, IT

    Happy Easter to everyone, especially those who are now having a bad time. Soon the situation will improve and we could meet again and celebrate together. So there is no need to enter PANICO, even if now it seems a difficult moment, it will soon end. Happy Easter to all

    Lorenzo Ionadi, Vibo Valentia IT

    the period is not the best, but we have to resist because soon we will return to live in peace and HARMONY. I wish you a happy Easter, we will return stronger and happier, singing HYMNS of happines in CHORUS


    I wish everyone a happy Easter and I hope that we will get out of this bad period soon, so I can finally go out and take PHOTOGRAPHS of our wonderful landscapes.

    Valeria Pileggi (VV).

    May this Easter bring you an new hope on horizon in this difficul period for the whole world, waiting to come out of the walls that divide us. I wish you an Easter full of chocolate as well as happiness though in quarantine! An Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones.

    Antonino Costa, Vibo Valentia IT

    Best wishes for a happy Easter to all.
    This Easter is different from the past years, without friends and without going out, but we are at home with the people who love us. That this Easter can bring joy and serenity in a difficult moment like this and we will return to normal soon, we will return: to go at the park, at the restaurant or at the ZOO, forgetting all this.
    Happy Easter.

    Antonio Gasparro, Vibo Valentia ,IT

    All humanity is going through a hard time that will remain in history. For this reason, in front of such a big thing there is the need to remain united and face all this together. I wish you a peaceful and happy Easter that can bring joy to our destroyed hearts.

    Happy Easter from Dora Athanasiadi, Athens, Greece

    Although we are all living a TRAGEDY during these days, I hope that the pandemic will be temporary and we will return soon to our everyday lives. Don't lose your hope and have a nice holiday with your family! I wish you a very happy Easter!!!

    Happy Easter from Umberto Stagliano, Vibo Valentia, Italy

    What better time to think about the people mean a lot to us, if not on this special day? May this Easter be full of happiness and bright hope, surrounded by the people you love most, specially in this difficult situation that the world is experiencing, in this moment we have to be united and in HARMONY as in an ORCHESTRA.

    Happy Easter (Antonella Teti, Italy)
    Happy Easter from Simone Enzo Grillo, Vibo Valentia, Italy

    In this TRAGIC period the only thing that we can do, is to wait and resist, but we mustn’t forget to love the others and try to make this DRAMA a COMEDY.

    Mario Mazzitelli, Vibo Valentia (IT)

    It's Easter ... the perfect time to wish you lots of happiness!
    I hope this Easter brings serenity and peace to all, that Jesus' sacrifice has not been in vain. His resurrection today is a renewal, a change for the better, an improvement to the whole world.
    And I hope that the joy of a party like Easter can be expressed through sharing and DIALOGUE with peoples.

    Giusy Rodà, Vibo Valentia (IT)

    Hi guys is a difficult time for everyone,but over time and with the contribution of each of us,we will come out strong. I wish everyone a MAGICAL and peaceful Easter.


    Happy Easter for everyone! I hope you are all well and safe at your homes.
    In Catalunya, for this days we eat a cake called "mona", the one of the picture, in the top there's a egg or an animal made by chocolate, it's delicious!
    Neus Miranda

    Konstantina Mitsou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Wishes for a happy Easter!
    This is a special Easter. Closed in our homes, it may be an opportunity to get closer to family members. This CRISIS can lead to a change in the way we communicate with the people we live with.

    Efi Georgiou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    This Easter I spent many HOURS surfing the internet and chatting with my friends. It was an opportunity for meaningful communication. That's what I wish to everyone!

    Zeta Giannopoulou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    We had a very special time this Easter. At mid-NIGHT on Holy Saturday, all the neighbors came out on their balconies and exchanged wishes holding lit candles. I wish everyone solidarity and unity

    Maria Tiligada Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Wishes for a happy Easter!
    I think this Easter I watched most of the movies I've ever seen in my life. I strongly recommend: “Secrets of war” and “Resistance”. They are both great but DRAMATIC. They both pass on the message of respect to fellow human beings which I wish you all.

    Magda Giatra Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Best wishes!
    This Easter I listened to a lot of MUSIC, played my GUITAR and remembered a lot of forgotten MUSICAL THEMES. I hope music enters everyone's life in the same way!

    Loutsiana Sriliotopoulou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Wishes for a happy Easter! I think I ate too many chocolate eggs this Easter. I'm afraid I cannot appear on the beach like this! DIET is required.
    Seriously speaking, I hope that the economic CRISIS that will follow this health crisis will not lead people to poverty and hunger.

    Iliana Katsifou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    I'm very tired of being confined to my home. When the weather is good I'm going mad! I want to wear my SANDALS and go to the sea.
    I wish life quickly returned to normal.

    Ilian Kassari

    Best wishes!
    I want to meet my classmates again. I want to go to SCHOOL. I never expected to say that! I hope that the restrictive measures will be lifted soon.

    Eleanna Georgiou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    This Easter was an opportunity for me to clean my room and throw away a lot of useless things. At last! I found the MATHEMATICS book I was looking for since November! I hope this situation helps to better plan our lives.

    Argiro Tambaki Panoy school Nafpaktos Greece

    Best wishes!
    I hope all this nightmare will be over soon. I don't want to watch the news on TELEVISION anymore. I don't want to hear about other deaths. I wish health and hapiness for the whole world.

    Adamia Adamopoulou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    My best wishes!
    Netflix and again Netflix. At least, due to home confinement I have now an excuse when my MOTHER complains that I'm wasting a lot of time.
    I wish health to everyone.

    Anna Chalantzouka Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    I’m sorry to see EUROPE divided and unable to show the solidarity that its citizens need. I hope this Easter will help European POLITICIANS understand that they are holding the future of Europe’s people in their hands.

    Athina Mattheou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    I wish that the PANDEMIC helps people understand that what matters most in life is solidarity and humanity.

    Eleni Kaliabakou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    Confined to the home I passed Easter holidays with an endless exchange of messages with acquaintances and friends. My TELEPHONE has become an extension of my hand.
    I hope we get close to each other again.

    Konstantina Argyropoulou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    I miss so much Easter in my village and the whole ATMOSPHERE there. I wish I was there!

    Peny Karabela Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Wishes for a happy Easter!
    I wish health and peace to the whole PLANET being tested by this pandemic.

    Steliana Panagiotounakou

    How do I feel this Easter? I definitely don't feel NOSTALGIC for school. I like to attend classes online. All I miss is hanging out with my classmates.
    I hope everything goes as before for all people.

    Stella Doupoli Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Best wishes!
    During Easter holidays I read the two books I had left unread since last summer. The second one was a MYSTERY novel. Mom says that this difficult situation has some positive aspects!
    I wish everyone this pandemic to help us see leisure differently and definitely more creatively!

    Zoi Lymberi Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    The COST to our lives of this health CRISIS is high. May we all remember to spend quality time with the people who matter. I hope that we are never too busy to stop by our grandparents house for coffee or pour a glass of wine and check in with our spouse, without distractions. We need people in our lives and we need that human connection that doesn't come from a screen.

    Agelina Tomara Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter
    I really missed the walk in my city, especially on Good Friday where a very interesting event takes place in our small Venetian port. An impressive custom revives every year in Nafpaktos on Good Friday. Thousands of believers follow the procession of two Epithaphs and arrive at the "flaming" harbor. The fishermen of the area arrive by the sea transporting the religious SYMBOLS on a boat.
    I hope that all peoples will have health and peace and that life will be as it was before.

    Spiros Kosmas Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    I wish you happy Easter.
    These days I saw all the EPISODES from my favorite SERIES on Netflix.
    I wish students around the world to return to their schools quickly.

    Thomas Vamvakas Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter!
    I wish all the people good health. I also hope that there will be no second CYCLE of disease exacerbation.

    Aggeliki Romanou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    I have never taken my dog Max for walks so many times as I did the Easter PERIOD. Three times a day. I am sure that he is grateful to me and maybe hopes that this could last for ever. I wish happiness to everyone.

    Sofia Kanavou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Happy Easter to all
    If we combat global pandemics, CLIMATE change, poverty, destruction of ecosystems and other urgent CRISES on this PLANET, we need to be compassionate and determined.

    Happy Easter from Antonis Zorpidis, Athens,Greece.

    Even in the hardest of times life is full of moments to savor, so there is no need to PANIC. Enjoy your spare time and try to be as much productive as you can, I am sending you all hope and I wish you a happy Easter! Stay safe and keep on social distancing.

    Happy Easter from Elena Andrea, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    The coronavirus pandemic turns out to be one of the worst PHENOMENON in human HISTORY. I express my SYMPATHY for all people who are still suffering. If we are strong and stick to all the rules, things will get better. Best wishes for a happy Easter!

    Ariadne Theodoropoulou, 27 Lyceum, Athens, GR

    This is a very hard time for everyone and we all might feel stressed. so i hope all of you are spending this unexpected break PERIOD well and I wish all of you a happy Easter!

    Happy Easter, From Alexandros Petrake, Athens Greece

    Kind of late but better late than never! I hope your Easter was fun and exciting just as every other year! I hope the corona virus pandemic didn't affect your Easter spirit more than a bit! And that you also found the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones this year! Let's hope the MARATHON we went through this year, helps us withstand/be ready for a future crisis.