Students' evaluation

  • It's time to evaluate our project

    Task 1. Click on the image and fill in the form


    The last question of the students' questionaire was:

    Just ONE word that you would say for this project is: 

    Task 2. It seems our word journey has come to its end. On the padlet below, write a Goodbye message for your partners including a farewell word or any word that expresses your feelings about our partnership in this project. The word must be in capital letters, in any language. It would be great if you provided its meaning and etymology.


    Task 3. Vote for one of the statements in the poll below.

  • Which of the statements below do you agree the most?
    1. Studying the origin of words increases our insight into our languages, cultures and history.
    44 votes (100.00%)
    2. The etymology of words has no practical benefit in our digital era.
    0 votes (0%)