9th team. Food-Earth-Time

  • "Picnic" by Fernando Botero 1989 


    This group will study the words related to

    Food & Earth-Time

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    1. Maria Soupa   Spain          INS d'Almenar             
    2. Lorenzo Grillo Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto"
    3. Valeria Pileggi Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto"
    4. Alex Syrros  Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    5. Peny Karampela Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    6. Maxim Suppes Germany Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule
    7. Justin Hucke Germany Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule
    8. Frederik Helker Germany Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule
    9. Ginevra Guerrini Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    10. Elena Andrea  Greece 27th General Lyceum of Athens
    11. Adamia Adamopoulou Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου



    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    γαστρονομία gastronomy gastronomie gastronomia Gastronomía Gastronomía gastronomie
    δίαιτα diet diète dieta dieta Diät dietă
    πιπέρι pepper poivre pepe pimiento Pfeffer piper
    φρούτο fruit fruit frutta fruta Fruchtr fruct
    λεμόνι lemon citron limone limón Zitrone lămâie
    μαρμελάδα marmelade  confiture marmellata mermelada Marmelade marmeladă
    μαγιονέζα mayonnaise mayonnaise maionese mayonesa Mayoneses maioneză


    Earth - Time

    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    κατακλυσμός cataclysm cataclysme cataclisma cataclismo Katastrophe cataclism
    ωκεανός ocean océan oceano océano Ozean ocean
    όαση oasis oasis oasi oasis Oase oază
    έκλειψη  eclipse éclipse eclisse eclipse Eklipse eclipsă
    λάβα lava lave  lava  lava Lava lavă
    κλίμα climate climat  clima clima Klima  climat
    κυκλώνας cyclone cyclone ciclone ciclón Zyklon ciclon
    τροπικός tropic  tropique tropico trópico Tropen tropic
    ζώνη zone zone zona zona Zone zona
    νύχτα night nuit notte noche Nacht noap
    ώρα hour heure ora hora Stunde ora
    περίοδος period période periodo período Periode perioadă


    Look for information in online or conventional dictionaries.

    Collect the material from your research in the following google document:

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    It would be good for each student pair to use a different color when writing.

    You can now transfer your work to the presentations below:
    Each word will be presented in a different ppt.
    Don't forget to accompany your presentations with the appropriate images.

    Please select carefully (from the table below) the links corresponding to the words assigned to you by the teacher - leader of your team.

    Links to the presentations:


    1. gastronomy 4. fruit 7. marmelade (Not done)
    2. diet 5. lemon  
    3. pepper 6. mayonnaise   



    1. cataclysm 5. lava 9. zone
    2. ocean 6. climate 10. night
    3. oasis 7. cyclone 11. period
    4. eclipse 8. tropic  12.  hour (Not done)


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