Our five rings in times of Covid-19

  • These are some of the activities related to the project rings we have been doing during the months of confinement:


    1.  The yellow ring:  Healthy Physical Activity

    We have been participating in some joint activities in our Strava Highway to Health Club (some in outdoor activities, some indoor according to the safety regulations in each of our countries).

    Thanks to this joint activities we have reached (and celebrated) 10.000km together.

    Our Strava club has been very active during this period.  We were all aware of the importance of physical activity during this time.

    Online physical activities have been organised by schools locally


    3.  The third ring:  Sustainable mobility

    After witnessing the positive impact the low traffic volume has in our cities we have insisted with the need of bike lanes - as we had proposed before covid-19 (see project sustainability). 

    During this period our cycle lane project in Manlleu  - inspired by the Erasmus+ meeting in Belgium - has been approved.

    We have presented all this sustainable mobility project inspired by the meeting in Belgium to a RACC "Youth and Mobility" contest. See this link


    5.  The fifth ring:  Mental Health

    During the confinement some students worked on the subject of Mindfulness and mental health preparing the Greek meeting.  the students reflected on the aspects that made them feel better during the these days.  Here are some example of these presentations

    Presentation on Midnfulness and activities during the confinement