The third ring; Sustainable mobility (Belgium)

  • The main objective in our third ring was to work with the topic of "Sustainable mobility".   The meeting was hosted by Sint Paulus Instituut in Herzele which has a long tradition of promoting sustainable mobility and has a group of students - called Groene Bevers- caring for the environment.

    Activities for the third ring:

    1.  Ways to school:  Previous to the meeting the different countries participating in the project had to work on videos and maps reflecting on their "ways to school". 

    You can see this work following this link.

    2.  School maps and routes:  The delegations had to present the most common routes to school and pinpoint the dangerous points. You can see examples following this link.

    3.  Activities related to mobility.  During the meeting the students and teachers participated in several activities and workshops related to mobility.

    • Working on a school mobility plan.  See pictures
    • Bikes workshops (using CLIL methodology on the field of physical education and health).  See pictures
    • Visit to the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen in Oudenaarde (cultural heritage related to mobility/cycling.  See pictures
    • Activities with "crazy bicycles".  See pictures

    4.  Social inclusion related to mobility. Students with special needs were also involved in the meeting activities.

    5.  Other activities.  During the meeting there were other activities related to aspects of the project: