The first ring: Healthy physical activities (Manlleu, Spain)

  • The main objective of the meeting in Manlleu was to engage students into sport activities.

    These were the objectives and activities for the meeting:

    Activities Manlleu.pdf


    Healthy activities:

    On this page you can read about the healthy activities done during the Manlleu meeting.

    Cultural heritage:

    The discovery of our cultural heritage is also an important part of our project.  We focused on these aspects:

    • Our Olympic heritage:  Visit to the Barcelona Olympic museum and stadium
    • Barcelona:  Gothic quarter and Sagrada Família
    • The ancient ruins of Empúries.
    • The city of Girona
    • The city of Vic

    You can see pictures related to these heritage places following this link.

    Social inclusion:

    The inclusion of diversity students is a key aspect of our project.  In this link you can see the Greek students taking part in the project activities.


    You can see pictures of the different delegations taking part in the meeting following this link.