Dissemination: Other

    • Presentation of the use of eTwinning in this project in the event:  Formació per a la coordinació de Projectes Erasmus+ KA2 (Training for the coordination of Erasmus+ Projects KA2) - Barcelona 14/02/2019.  The project was presented as:  Un cas d'èxit, eTwinning i Erasmus+ INS Antoni Pous i Argila (A Success Story, eTwinning and Erasmus+:  INS Antoni Pous i Argila).
    • Presentation of the project Twinspace in the event:  eTwinning Workshop voor Starters - Leuven 27/03/2019.  It was presented by Trui de Vos, eTwinning ambassador from Sint Paulus Instituut.
    • Presentation of the project at a Best Practices session at INS Antoni Pous

    See about these presentations in the Best Practices page

    • Dissemination of the different project awards.  See Awards and labels page.
    • Dissemination of the project during school open doors:

    In Herzele:

    In Manlleu:


    • Dissemination in school magazines 

    See example from Sint Paulus Instituut:

    • Dissemination on school boards

    Example from Offene Schule Waldau in Kassel


    • Presenting the project to schools from different countries (in Manlleu presenting the project to four visiting schools from Finland, Austria and Germany):


    • Dissemination of the project through activities - as local events:


    • Dissemination of the project in the times of Covid-19 (padlet created by departments of national agencies)


    • Dissemination in of the project in times of Covid-19 (article in the Belgian newspaper Pano)

    • Dissemination of project activities in different teacher training courses