Our Highway to Health

  • Welcome to our "Highway to Health" project.

    We are setting of on an Olympic journey dealing with the topic of health.

    Each of the five participating countries (Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany and Greece) will host a meeting in which we will deal with a topic related to health. 

    The achievements we obtain in each of the five countries will be symbolized by an Olympic ring.  All the rings will come together in our final meeting in Greece - the birthplace of the Olympic spirit and European civilisation.

    Our Olympic torch will travel from country to country to end its journey in Greece.  


    Project objectives

    Objectives for the students:

    • The main objective of the project is raising the awareness of the students in the field of health,encouraging them to be proactive and stay healthy both physically and mentally.
    • Being aware of the diversity in society: geographical diversity, diversity of the objectives students may achieve. Being tolerant towards diversity, both cultural and physical.
    • Raising awareness of the European dimension: stressing the importance of our shared European values and heritage.
    • Improving the students key competences and their ability to communicate in a foreign language.

    Objectives for teachers:

    • Sharing good practices using key competences in the field of health. We will focus on digital competence, cultural expression competence, foreign language learning competence, learning competence, social and civic competence.
    • Fostering the awareness of social inclusion: Having social inclusion in mind when preparing and doing the project activities. After the meetings we will share good practices on social inclusion.
    • Promoting the concept of cultural heritage and values