EEEEK Diary towards a healthier way of living

  • In our school not every student is able to live a healthy and active life. Mainly due to kinetic issues and poor families. 

    We decided early on the project that everyone would participate in whatever manner he/she could.


    September was dedicated to intoducing the project to our students, talking about our lifestyles and their differencies and commiting in living a bit healthier in various areas like exercise, diet, screen time etc


    The students took the initial evaluation questionaire. The answers that revealed "problems" were made known to the whole teaching group and we decided on the measures that had to be taken for each student

    Students and teachers together, we formed a plan for every individual student and decided upon which areas can be improved and how. On a personal level at home and of course at school. 

    We also decided that our monthly excursion to the park, it will now become our monthly walk (2.5 km) by the seaside to the park. The kids were very excited by this change! The beginning was made during the European School Sports Day


    Our teacher Pavlina is teaching the students and the Erasmus team the project song in Sign Language! Exciting times...! We'll upload a video as soon as we have something solid to show!

    Our physical education teacher will perform tests to the students so as to measure their resilience and flexibility. To do so we'll visit the city's stadium.


    This is a pretty hectic month here in E.E.E.E.K. So.many.shows/performances/celebrations/songs to prepare with the students. Of course rehersals have began months and months ago...! So nothing important is happening on the Erasmus front. Even Sign Language Song is pushed back and back and back from other teachers!

    Happy Christmas everyone!


    This is THE month my students have been waiting for so long. I have been informed that suitcases were packed a good 10 days before the trip! (wow...mine was done the night before, on midnight no less!)

    We are behind on preparing the school presentation for the meeting. So I decide to let the students do it! They get to decide on everything and they are a bit overwhelmed! They plan a student meeting to talk about the details!

    The camera is a bit shakey on their hands though so they ask for help from a teacher. He is following them around to record their...whatever they decide to do!

    I run like crazy to prepare everything and finally we depart for our journey!

    The week in Catalonia was amazing! Everyone had fun, participated in great activities, met new people, ate A TON and came home happy and rejuvenated!

    Thank you people of Manlleu for the great experience!

    The week following the trip we showed the whole school all the photos and videos of the trip. The two girls, Angelliki and Marina, talked about their experiences and of all the things that they learned for the olympic games. They actually remember a lot of things especially for the historical sites and all the cities they had visited.


    This was the month of the project's dissemination.

    First and foremost we assembled the whole school so as to tell them about our experiences, show them videos and photos and discuss what we learnt and the changes that we all should make in our everyday lives in order to be healthier and more fit.

    Articles and photos were sent to the local newspapers and webpages.

    Eleni and the two students also gave a radio interview that was a big success!

    Finally, we gathered the families and parents to discuss the trip, how the students did and the healthier options we try to incorporate into their lives.

    February is also the month of the Carnival and the days before the Orthodox Lent that are filled with eating (NOT healthy foods), drinking (NOT healthy drinks) and partying all.month.long. The students and the teachers all agreed that this wasn't the month to insist on living healthier and we moved on! At least we danced a lot and that has to count for some exercise...!


    The preparations for the Snina meeting begin. Tickets are issued, students are getting more and more involved with recycling and we start a thematic week about the current environmental issues of the world and of our region.

    Also, we have to learn the new song verse in sign language and we are very behind on this!

    Lent begins and we finally get back on track with our healthy school breakfasts and more exercising during the day. The weather is better and we are able to take long walks near the school.