Highway to health

The aim of our Olympic journey "Highway to health" is to share good practices on the field of health. Our strategic partnership is formed by five schools from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Slovakia and Spain. Three of the schools had worked together successfully and after a previous analysis we decided to continue our collaboration focusing o...

Project Journal

  • #2MW4 from Sint-Paulus Herzele... practising the Highway to Health song... (but may need some support from our music teacher... ;-)


    - Posted by trui de vos, 24.10.2018

  • Classes 2A and 2D from INS Antoni Pous have also started working with the project

    2D ESO.jpg

    2A ESO.jpg

    - Posted by Joan Mitjavila, 21.10.2018

  • Not really windy in Belgium these days... but a glimpse of the image reveals the content of the flag... :-)



    - Posted by trui de vos, 19.10.2018

  • Classes 2B and 2C in INS Antoni Pous ready to take the Highway



    - Posted by Joan Mitjavila, 17.10.2018

  • Our project: Presentation

    - Posted by Joan Mitjavila, 27.08.2018