Cirkevná základná škola sv. Cyrila a Metoda: Students' portfolio

  • Cirkevna Spojena Skola, Snina (Catholic Primary School)


    September 2018


    In September, we introduced the Highway to Health project to our students. The project will directly involve two classes, Tercia and Kvarta, a total of 48 students.


    October 2018


    In October, students and participating teachers carried out the initial evaluation survey. Having done this, we went through the answers and discussed issues such as healthy lifestyle and local environmental hazards.


    November 2018


    At the beginning of the month, students from Tercia and their English lecturer, Mr. Jonathan Child, went to a local forest on a class trip to clear up rubbish. Jonathan organized the trip as an awareness exercise for the students in how we should look after our surroundings, a key point in the second ring of our Olympic project. Here is a report on the trip:


    Cleaning our forests for our health and Erasmus+


    In November 2018, students from Tercia in CSS Snina went to Rybniky in Snina to pick up and clean up the forests areas, particularly around the cooking areas and the fishing lake. This activity is one of the preparation activities for CSS’s newly funded Erasmus+ project: Highway to Health, a project with 5 partner schools. Over the next two years students from Kvarta and Tercia will travel to Spain, Belgium, Germany, and culminating in a meeting of 9 partner schools in Greece.


    In Slovakia, students will teach their European friends about the importance of our relationship with nature. In preparation for this, they have been to our local forests to clear up rubbish that has been left by some people. The trip was organized by Jonathan Child, lecturer of English at CSS, who is disappointed that some people are leaving rubbish in the forests as it is not only unsightly, but also environmentally unfriendly.



    Students collected 5 large bags of rubbish in less than an hour, including many plastic bottles, cans and tins.


    The students want to show our visitors that we care about our forests and send a message to our own residents that whatever we take into the forest, we should also take away.



    In November, students were also asked to create videos relating to the country they would like to visit during the project. Students had to create and present their videos in English to the group.


    From these videos, we selected eight students to travel to Catalonia.


    We also started rehearsing the Highway to Health song!


    December 2018


    In December, the students travelling to Catalonia were asked to create a video presenting our school with the help of their classmates. The students did an excellent job requiring no assistance from their teachers.


    January 2019


    Training event in Catalonia – An amazing week in Manlleu with many health related and Olympic activities.


    The students who travelled to Catalonia presented a report of the training event to their fellow pupils.


    They also completed the evaluation of their time in Catalonia.


    February 2019


    Time to start preparing for Slovakia!!!!!


    Having returned from Manlleu our students have been getting very active on Strava. We encouraged our students to download and use this fitness app. Hopefully we will reach our goal of 5000km in a short time.

    March 2019

    Our students and students from the other delegations were asked to complete questionnaires regarding environmental issues in their own localities. They were also tasked with making videos to highlight some of the positive and negative aspects of these environmental concerns. We also asked them to make videos about their relationships with nature and how often they get out into the wild.

    April 2019

    In April, we repeated our forest cleaning operation in the local area. With a group of 50 students we managed to collect a staggering 10 bin bags of rubbish from the streets and forests around the school.

    May 2019

    In May our teachers and students were busy preparing for the second ring of our Olympic journey in Snina. We arranged for a manager from the local recycling and waste management company to come and assist us with educating the Erasmus+ students in our fun environmental based activities.

    The week in Snina

    We hugely enjoyed hosting our Erasmus+ friends and sent them home with fresh ideas about looking after ourselves and our planet.

    June 2019

    Having completed our week in Snina we bought new recycling bins for our school. The students involved in the project then were tasked with educating their fellow schoolmates about the importance of recycling and how to recycle.

    With the Summer holidays approaching our delegation for Belgium started working on their preparation activities for Herzele.

    September 2019

    The delegation for Belgium completed their questionnaires on how our students get to school. They also made a video to show our Erasmus+ friends the ways we get to school.

    We completed a fantastic stay in Herzele. Our students learnt how to get to school safely and were encouraged to get on their bikes. They were also given bike safety and maintenance advice.

    October 2019

    All of the teachers who came to Herzele are either on foot or on their bikes to school every day.

    November 2019

    December 2019

    Our students are continuing to add kms to our Strava total. Having already achieved our first goal of 5000km we are working hard to achieve our 7000km target before or in Kassell!!

    Here you can see one students efforts towards the target on New Years Eve...

    January 2019

    Students have returned from the Christmas festivities so now is a good time to start thinking about healthy food! In preparation for out meeting in Kassel in february students are questionning their classmates about the eating habits and considering our eating habits in school.

    February 2019

    Before heading to Kassel our delegation spent 2 days seeing the sights in Berlin. The students were informed about the history of the Berlin Wall and why it is important to work together to solve problems.

    A great week in Kassel learning about healthy eating. We have also reached our 7000km Strava target, very fittingly on our group walk up to the Hercules statue in Kassel for the passing of the Highway to Health torch!!


    Our students from Kvarta have now been asked to create their own recipe video making something vegetarian or vegan. In March we will see the results ...