Our Project Song

  • Our project song is called HIghway to Health (based on the music by the AC/DC song).  Each chorus is reflects the objectives of each of the five rings.




    Doing nothing, just TV
    Feeling lazy on the sofa all day
    Let’s go out there, come with me
    Doing exercise the healthy way
    No excuses, no more rest
    Ain't nothing that you cannot do
    So stand up, do your best
    Our friends are gonna be there too

    We’re on the highway to health
    On the highway to health
    Highway to health
    We’re on the highway to health

    Start recycling, go outside
    I guarantee it will change your life
    Let’s get out there, come with me
    Get rid of all your stress and strife
    Reuse, recycle, do what’s best
    Reduce the things that you should not use,
    Save the world, that’s our quest,
    Our friends are gonna help us too

    We're on the highway to health...

    Take your bike to go to school
    Let’s love nature and just be cool
    Take the train to the sea
    And that is mobility.
    It’s good for you, it’s good for me
    No polluter, it’s what I wanna be
    Mobility, our number one
    It should be for everyone!

    We're on the highway to health...

    Healthy meal is what we need
    Raisin, apple, oatflakes we put in
    Lots of veggies eat less meat
    That´s where everybody should begin.
    Whole grain bread instead of toast
    Spinach, salad is what makes you fit
    You gain power you can boast
    Try to change your diet: This is it!

    We're on the highway to health...

    Leave the sorrow… behind
    Take a walk, run, hug and smile!
    Feel the warmth of your friends
    You are strong, let all the rest!

    Ride a horse, feel the wind
    Close your eyes and free your beat!
    Listen to music, feel the vibes
    Embrace yourself, live a happy life!


    Karaoke and lyrics for the first choruses:


    Arrangement for instruments in C, Bb and Eb.

    HIGHWAY_TO_HEALTH_1 veu.pdf


    Highway to Health song in sign language (a video made by EEEEK Kalamatas)

    Highway to Health song.  Live version in Manlleu

    Highway to Health song.  Live version in Snina

    Rehearsing the song in Herzele

    Song performance in Kassel