Impact: Healthy environment

  • 1.  Activities in nature

    Offene schule Waldau.  New activities in nature after the Snina meeting

    2.  Meat free Mondays:

    Offene schule Waldau:  Meat free Monday at the mensa

    3.  Using eco-friendly materials

    Sint Paulus Instituut:  Promotion of re-usable water bottles in Herzele

    INS Antoni Pous i Argila:  Promotion of reusable water bottles in Manlleu

    4.  Activities to help our environment

    Cirkevné Gymnázium Snina:  Third and fourth students decided to clean the streets of the city. Together with the teachers, they filled 17 bags of municipal waste, thus contributing to the residence of all those who live in this part of the city. The main objective of this project is to grow a receptive relationship with our common wealth, the nature that surrounds us, but also in the most beautiful environment of our school and our city.



    Offene Schule Waldau: Cleaning the vicinity

    5.  Comparing recycling systems in different countries

    INS Antoni Pous: Comparing recycling in Manlleu and Snina

    interview with local experts.pdf