3-Logo contest

  • Teacher in charge of managing this activity: Ignacio Camaron
    Skills that you are going to strengthen with this activity:

    -Digital competence.

    -Competence in artistic and cultural expression.

    Assessment rubric: Logo contest


                                                 Image created for the project.


    -Our project does not have a logo yet. 

    -Do you dare to create one, participating in the logo contest?

    -Read carefully the rules of the contest and then get to work. 

    Here you have the rules for the logo contest:

    Logo contest.docx

    Main items to consider:

    -Logo should embody or portray the content of M.I.D.E. Project (Classical monsters).

    -Each entry may be picture or text-based or in combination.

    -Entries may be done by free-hand or by computer. There are no color restrictions. File formats: gif, jpeg, png.

    -Each logo should be accompanied with a brief explanation/ description to provide context to the suggested logo (i.e. explanation of the colors, symbols used, pictures, images, etc.).

    -Logos may be submitted with the name of the author and send  through these email address: erasmusmide522@gmail.com

    -Submission deadline: 13 December, 2020.

    -If you decide to use a digital tool, you can use CANVA. Here you have some tutorials that may be useful to you.

    -Display all your creativity and win the contest gift card. Good luck!

    Survey to choose the three best logos at IES Unamuno BHI


    The students of Panou school in Nafpaktos chose the three best logos using this form:


    And the winners are:












  • What is the logo that best represents the project?
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