7-Dr. Van Helsing guide

  • Teacher in charge of managing this activity: Amada Durán

    Skills that you are going to strengthen with this activity:

    -Competence in artistic and cultural expressions: you will improve awareness of classical mythology and its influence in arts and literature.

    -Linguistic competence: you will strength basic skills in English, classical languages, literature and arts. You will also develop imagination and creativity.

    -Social and civic competence: The debate about accepting the female monsters will promote gender equality and inclusion. Furthermore, working in international teams will improve your multicultural and multilingual competence.

    -Digital competence: Search for and process information critically and sistematically. Collaboratively create and share digital content.

    -Sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit: You will develop initiative, proactivity and innovation.You are going to create content.

    -Learning to learn competence: you will be able to pursue and persist in learning, to organize your own learning, including through effective management of time and information, both individually and in groups through cooperative work and interdisciplinary methodology.

    Assessment rubric

    The Dr Van Helsing guide consists of a collaborative guide of masterpieces (statues, sculptures and friezes about classical monsters that you will "capture" in the Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Bilbao.

    The guide will be a virtual itinerary of the artworks about monsters through the museum and shall provide the following information:

    1-Written and oral description of the monster (English).

    2-Written fact sheet in English containing the following details: title of the artwork, artist, technique, period, school and style.

    3-Written description of the artwork`s subject (English).

    4-Multimedia information (pictures, interactive images, posters, videos...).

    5-Drive document to organize work within the international team.

    6-Asessment rubric.

    Do you dare to help Dr Van Helsing capture the monsters in the museum?

    Working methodology

    International teams visit the two museums fece-to-face or virtually; they discuss, organise and synthesize the information; next, they present each monster through Genially and finally they insert it in the Google presentation uploaded to the twinSpace.

    Digital tools: Google presentation, Genially, Canva and Souncloud.

    Final Product: Dr Van Helsing guide of the Reproductions Museum of Bilbao