• Perseus and the Graeae by Edward Burne-Jones,1892.

    Graeae were two, some say three, sea hags who personified the white foam of the sea. They were grey-haired from birth and shared amongst themselves a single, detatchable eye and tooth. The hero Perseus stole these when he was searching for the Medusa, compelling the hags to reveal the location of their sister.

    The names of the Graiai suggest rather dire monsters--Deino is the "the terrible," Enyo "the warlike" and Persis "the destoyer." Another, Pemphredo, "she who guides the way," was so named for her role in the story of Perseus. The sisters formed the chorus of a play entitled the Phorcydes by Aeschylus, part of the dramatist's trilogy on the life of Perseus.

    The Graiai were usually depicted as old crones. According to Aeschylus, however, they were Seiren-shaped monsters with the head and arms of old women and the bodies of swans.

    It is worth comparing the Graiai with the monster Lamia whom Greek writers likewise describe as a monstrous Libyan woman with removable eyes. Theoi Greek Mythology.

    In this activity, after discusings about the simbolysm of the Graeae, you are going to collaborativelly create a poster with canva for the Female Monster Museum from artworks.

    The poster shall include:

    -The name of the monster.

    -The title of the artwork or artworks that appear on the poster.

    -The name of the authors of the artworks that appear on the poster.

    -Some written and oral annotations in English explaining the symbolism of the female monster.

    -The number of the transnational group: 11.

    -The logo of the project and the European Union.

    -To create the poster in a collaborative way, we are going to use the tool: canva.

    -In each poster you could create more tha one page.

    -To enter canva you have just to copy the link corresponding to your international group.

  • In your opinion, what the Graeae stand for?
    The Graeae symbolize uglyness.
    3 votes (11.11%)
    The Graeae stand for sisterhood.
    9 votes (33.33%)
    The Graeae represent solitude.
    5 votes (18.52%)
    The eye of the Graeae represents great knowledge and wisdom.
    10 votes (37.04%)