• The Harpies were female monsters that had the form of a bird with a human female face; often agents of punishment they abducted people and tortured them on their way to HADES’ domain, employed by the God as instruments for the punishment of the guilty. They stole food from their victims and would carry evildoers to Erinnyes of the Furies (female goddesses of vengeance and retribution). Their name means snatchers and is thus very appropriate for the acts they carried out. Known as the hounds of ZEUS, they were dispatched by the God to snatch away people and things from the earth; sudden and mysterious disappearances were often attributed to them. Greek gods and goddesses.

    In this activity, after discusings about the simbolysm of the Harpies, you are going to collaborativelly create a poster with canva for the Female Monster Museum from artworks.

    The poster shall include:

    -The name of the monster.

    -The title of the artwork or artworks that appear on the poster.

    -The name of the authors of the artworks that appear on the poster.

    -Some written and oral annotations in English explaining the symbolism of the female monster.

    -The number of the transnational group: 7.

    -The logo of the project and the European Union.

    -To create the poster in a collaborative way, we are going to use the tool: canva.

    -In each poster you could create more tha one page.

    -To enter canva you have just to copy the link corresponding to your international group.

    Poster - team 7

  • In your opinion, what do the Harpies best represent?
    The Harpies represent the instrument for the punishment.
    8 votes (29.63%)
    The Harpies symbolize deception to achieve their goals.
    4 votes (14.81%)
    The Harpies symbolize greed and theft.
    10 votes (37.04%)
    The Harpies symbolize vices.
    5 votes (18.52%)