International Women`s Day 2021

  • Teacher in charge of managing this activity: María Jesús Ramírez 

    We celebrate the international Women`s Day reflecting on the role attributed to women in classical mythology. 

    With this objective, the students of the project carried out an interactive exhibition of the posters made for the Female Monster Museum (2nd product).

    Image created for the project.

    According to many experts, in Classical Antiquity, the concept of the monstrous was assimilated with the feminine and this led to misogynistic behaviors.

    After analyzing the symbolism of twelve female monsters, we have found that they represent very similar concepts: male`s fear of female sexuality (temptation, fatal attraction, promiscuousness, destructive love, risk, danger, death), male's fear to the primal power of the woman (wisdom, knowledge, omniscience, domain, authority, control over life and death, female ambivalence: beauty and uglyness, vengeance, punishment, horror ) and the woman's alleged inability to control her instincts (vices, cruelty, greed, vampirisim, theft, lust, changeable nature, unreliable nature of women, deception, emotionalism, solitude, sisterhood).


    1-Choose one or more characteristic that symbolizes each of the female monsters.

    2-Write them on a jamboard note.

    3-Write your name on the jamboard note.

    4-Post the note on the jamboard: Symbolism of the female monsters.

    Jamboard is a collaborative tool, very easy to use. Here you have a tutorial on it.

    Symbolism of the female monsters