b-Reproductions Museum of Bilbao

  • The Reproductions Museum of Bilbao was created in 1927 to bring masterpieces of classical art to Bilbao so that the people of Biscay/Bizkaia could enjoy them. The value of its collections lies in their being casts, i.e. first copies of the originals. As a result, you can admire exact reproductions of the Elgin Marbles, the Slaves and the Moses of Michelangelo, the Venus of Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Laocoön, the Apoxyomenos, the Diana of Gabies or the Apollo Belvedere and the Belvedere Torso, among others. bilbaoturismo.net


    Zarateman - Public domain dedication

    Artworks that represent monstruous beings.

    1-Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

    East frieze: Athena (being crowned from behind by a winged Nike) slaying Alcyoneus the Giant  by means of king Erichthonius in the guise of a snake(200-150 B.C.).

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    East frieze: Zeus fighting 3 giants with eagles and lightning bolts.

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    2-Laoocon and his sons: Plaser copy of the groop of Laoccon and his sons (27-42 B.C.). The original is kept in the Vatican Museums.

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    3-Apollo Belvedere: Plaster copy of the Apollo Belvedere, beauty paradigm of ancient Greek sculpture. This sculpture is an interpretation of a Greek statue.

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    Challenge in the Museum.

    There are nine hidden monsters in the Reproductions Museum of Bilbao: Alcyoneus, Medusa, Erichthonius, Porphyrion, Giant 1, Giant 2, Porces, Chariboea and Python. Do you dare to look for them?








    3rd product: Dr Van Helsing guide - Reproductions Museum of Bilbao.