Students┬┤ assessment

  • The first school year of our project is coming to an end. Now it`s time to evaluate.

    1st step: Fill in the form.


    2nd step: On the padlet below, write a Goodbye message for your partners.


    3rd step: Vote for one of the statements you agree with the most in the poll below:


  • Which of the statements below do you agree the most?
    The symbolism of the classical monsters is a heritage shared by all Europeans.
    17 votes (51.52%)
    Classical monsters have had a great influence on western literature, art and thought.
    8 votes (24.24%)
    The characteristics of the female monsters of classical mythology help us understand the historical relegation of women in Western culture.
    3 votes (9.09%)
    The analysis of the classic monsters helps us to accept people who are different or think differently.
    5 votes (15.15%)