• Image created for the project.

    1-Type of assessment: formative and summative.

    Formative: we intend to assess the collaborative work of each student inside the international working team to improve the adquisition of competencies.

    Summative: we want to assess the products during the school year to know if the student acquired the competencies for the academic evaluation.

    2-Time for assessment: continuous assessment.

    The project has been included in the schedule of several subjects at different educational levels (Classical languages and ICT in Secondary and Post-Secondary education), therefore, it has counted both for the mark of each partial evaluation and for the final grade of each student.

    3-Scope of the assessment: students, families and teachers.

    The assessment has taken into account both the project participants and their families.

    4-Tools for the assessment: rubrics, surveys and video about students`opinion.


    Project logo: Assessment rubric for the logo

    1st Product: Assessment rubric for the Classical Bestiary.

    2nd Product: Assessment rubric for the Female Monster Museum.

    3rd Product:

    Assesment rubric for Dr. Van Helsing guide.

    Assessment rubric for Dr. Van Helsing presentation.


    Satisfaction survey for students and commented results.

    Satisfaction survey for teachers and commented results.

    Satisfaction survey for families and commented results.

    4c-Video on students`oppinion:

    5-Project`s results:

    Here are the results obtained by the students in the final academic evaluation of the project.

    Achievement indicators: 

    Very poor: grade point average is less than 2

    Poor: grade point average is equal to or higher than 2 or less than 4

    Medium: grade point average is equal to or higher than 4 or less than 6

    High: grade point average is equal to or higher than 6 or less than 8

    Very high: grade point average is equal to or higher than 8

    Chart of project outcomes:

    The degree of achievement of the objectives in the final assessment has been highly satisfactory:

    Very High:  44.2 %

    High: 16.2 %

    Medium:  14 %

    Poor: 20.6 %

    Very poor: 5 %