Gardening and Nutrition Intergenerational Project - November 2019

  • November 14th - 18th 2019

    The children in Year 4 had an amazing time at the allotment helping Suzanne from Environmental Projects in conjunction with the Big Local (a local charity.) They have been harvesting the vegetables grown before the summer with the previous Year 4 children. They have been also planting new vegetables with some of the residents from a Local care home.

    These vegetables will be used during a Nutrition project ran by Suzanne from Enviromental Projects, involving Year 6. 

    The children in Year 6 took part in a nutriton project:

    The first session will focus on:

    The main nutrients our bodies need and then focus specifically on the essential vitamins and minerals we get from fruit and vegetables and their role within our bodies. 

    I will also do a tasting session with some raw fruit and vegetables.

    The second session will focus on:

    Children and older people researching a range of vegetables and fruit and identifying which essential vitamins or minerals they contain.  This work will form the basis of the information signs which I will produce for the allotment. Alongside this, we will explore recipes that the children and older people like which incorporate vegetables and fruit. 

    The final session will focus on: 

    Building on the recipe work from the previous session, to produce recipe cards which the children and older people will illustrate and decorate as they choose.  I hope that we can generate some interesting discussions around where our food comes from and the children's experiences compared to the experiences of the older people, regarding the foods which were and are readily available for us to eat. 

    The recipe cards will be printed and distributed locally as a way to promote our horticulture project and healthy eating.  It is hoped that in the future we will be able to build on this work and produce a Big Local Allotment cook book.