Health Day at School

  • 04-10-2019: Participation of the whole school in the Panhellenic (across Greece) Day of School Sports and Healthy Diet. The students with their teachers walked around the old town of Chania and the Venetian port situated very close to school (approx. 1km). They held banners with athletic logos. Upon returning to school they participated in sports activities – basketball and table tennis (in teams), various traditional greek games – organized by the P.E. teacher as well as teachers of the school. Participation awards were given. Students had the opportunity to express themselves creatively by drawing a large wall painting depicting various sports activities with the help of the Art teacher. After finishing the games they had healthy snacks prepared by them and their teachers with ingredients they brought from home – rusks topped with grated  tomato, white cheese and olive oil (greek dakos), various fruit, vegetables, nuts, tahini (seeds pulp) spread on top of bread rolls etc. They also had fresh orange juice prepared by the parents’ association. The aim of the activity was for students to realize through a fun activity the importance of healthy snacks consumption in school and  to adopt the healthy lifestyle while (at least) at school.