Year 3: "Nutritional Licence" - Oct. 2019

  • What is Healthy Nutrition? 

    October 2019

    During the project week we dealt with the topic of healty nutrition. The aim was that the students would receive a “nutritional licence” at the end of the unit.

    For example, the students got to know the food pyramid and used it to check their own eating habits. They should also keep a diary about their own diet.
    The students also learned something about regional and seasonal food.

    My diet diary.pdf



    The students also learned some practical skills, for example how to follow a recipe or how to wash up properly after cooking. We have prepared the following dishes together:
    - A healthy snack for the lunchbreak (s. Images)
    - Vegetable sticks with herb curd
    - A colourful pasta salad


    We also visited an organic farm nearby. There we took a closer look at the question “Where does our milk come from?”. The students were allowed to make their own butter and also to taste it during a healthy snack.