Shopping at the local market-Become reasonable consumers!




    Visit of the 6th grade students to the local Open Food Market which is within 15’ minutes walking distance from our school.

      The students were divided into five groups of 4 people each and were responsible to buy one category of seasonal fruit  item each (bananas, pears, apples, lotuses, mandarins). The “head” of each group had the money (provided by the school) necessary to buy the relevant fruit items. Students were supposed to do a little survey before ending up buying from a specific producer – investigation on quality of product and its price before buying it. Upon arrival back to school students washed the fruit, had them peeled and put them on skewers – resembling the traditional Greek souvlaki (kebab) only now it was a fruit souvlaki!!! They absolutely enjoyed the activity and the taste! They were escorted by two teachers while walking to the open market.

     The aim is for students to look for seasonal fresh fruit  and investigate on quality and price  before buying it ; also, use of money by themselves to become little consumers of healthy food.