Forest School Fridays - September 2021


    Nursery - September 10th-24th 2021

    The weather didn’t put us off venturing up to Forest School this morning! In fact, I think we had more fun in the rain!

    We popped on our coats, wetsuits and wellies to make sure we were kept dry and warm, then headed up.

    We enjoyed twirling around on the swings and running in and out of the little houses playing games. We then made eggs, chips, beans and pudding pie in the mud kitchen with leaves and bark. Some of us decided to jump in and out of the thick, wet, oozy mud. Our wellies were very dirty!

    We stood on top of the grass hill and looked at what we could see. We noticed the United Kingdom flag flying in the wind and remembered that was where we stood our soldiers in the ground yesterday. The sky was a mix of white and grey, so we talked about what it means when the sky is this colour.