PSHE with Operation Encompass Y6 - December 2019

  • December 10th 2019

    This morning Year 6 took part in a PSHE workshop led by Ged Foster, from the Operation Encompass team, based on Emotions and Empathy. We began the session by playing a game of ‘unfair’ Musical Statues. Miss Sutcliffe chose those children who were not moving to lose the game, which made many of us feel a little annoyed and irritated! Afterwards we found out that the purpose of the game was to help us to recognise why people have arguments and allow us to feel these emotions but discuss how we can deal with them effectively. Then we thought about the physical and emotional signs of being angry by creating some Gingerbread Man artwork. We discussed the emotions we feel on the inside when we are angry and what being angry looks like on the outside. Finally we discussed how anger is like an iceberg – most of the iceberg is hidden below the water and often when we are angry, there are other emotions hidden under the surface. We talked about different strategies for dealing with anger in a healthy way.