Outdoor Learning Area - Autumn 2020 - Winter 2021

  • September 1st 2020 - December 16th 2021

    Finally, we can reveal the changes that have occurred in our Outdoor Learning Area over the past year…and it is truly incredible. The photos below speak for themselves. However, the reasoning behind these changes all arose pre-covid.

    Post War Afternoon Tea in the Outdoor Learning Zone

    It is clear that children in the modern world are not always able to have opportunities to play in the outdoors like many of their parents did. As a result of this, they lose a wealth of learning, communication and social development experiences. Thus, at St. Aidan’s we decided, as a staff, that action needed to be taken. Over the last year, we have invested in our children’s learning and play by creating a place in school like no other, a safe place, a place of adventure, play, risk assessment and ultimately social fun.

    By incorporating a wealth of gross and fine motor activities, along with zones for multi-purpose learning and calm spaces for school reflection, our grounds were transformed into a school utopia for our children. Many of our children comment on the new spaces each day with positive messages. They engage in active play and come back into class releasing energy and ready for lessons. Their learning in the outdoor development zone is unique and clearly compliments the growth of a positive mindset for our children.

    In September, we aim to release a daily update page showing the activities that occur in the new outdoor learning zone, yet, until then I hoped to show you the changes to date and the amazing Chinese garden that was completed recently.