Young Sports Leadership Event - November 2019

  • Nov. 12th 2019

    Today, 10 children from Year 5 travelled to Kingsmeadow school to take part in a Year 5 Sports Leadership event.

    We were welcomed by Miss Jennings, who is a PE teacher at the school who explained to us the activities of the day. She told us that we would learn lots of new games to take back to school to use during play time and lunch time. She also told us we were here today to learn how to become a sports leader.

    The first activity of the day was a warm up game called Farmer, Farmer. Miss Jennings then sat everyone down to answer the question, ‘What makes a good leader?’. The children explained which attributes are needed to be a good leader and what leaders we have in our lives.

    The children then learned the STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People) method to make games safe and effective. We took part in games such as tag, stuck in the mud, king of the ring, football and scatter ball. They learned that before games are played, there are four key elements to check:

    1. Spacial awareness.
    2. Making sure the game works and makes sense. (At the end, the children looked at how to make the game more difficult to play if it was too easy and if any changes are needed to be made).
    3. Checking to make sure you have the correct equipment in school.
    4. Is the game suitable for only one age category or more than one?

    Towards the end of the day, the children evaluated what they enjoyed about the event and if they would change anything.

    Year 5 took part in a residential with lots of activities focusing on building teamwork, communication and physical health. These included canoeing, Quest, climbing, trapeze, team challenge, giant swing and many, many more.

    More importantly the children:

    • were praised for their manners and helpfulness at meal times;
    • showed commitment with the tasks they were given;
    • team work in the challenges set;
    • resilience and perseverance in overcoming activities they were not fully confident in;
    • made their teachers proud of their attitudes and successes throughout the day.

    Take a look at their day below: