Fit for the future Oct. 2019 - Sept. 2021

  • Alhama de Granada (Spain) - Chanion (Greece) - Gateshead (United Kingdom) - Särö (Sweden) - Überlingen (Germany)  


    Our healthy school - how we make pupils fit for the future

    Conditions of living and spending free-time have changed drastically for young people often leading to rather problematic developments in the lifestyles of our students in terms of having negative consequences for their health. 

    So five schools from five countries set out to promote healthy lifestyles and inspire young people to contemplate the importance of healthy everyday habits. 

    Amongst those were primary as well as secondary schools. Focusing on students aged 9-14 (but including all others in activities) we created activities and workshops around physical exercise, healthy diet and fitness as well as mental health and e-safety.

    Our project aimed at supporting students to lead a meaningful, healthy life as European citizens, who take active responsibility in their communities and are able to use digital media safely and considerately.

    Due to the pandemic we had to cancel most of the planned mobilities. Nonetheless all partners adapted, modified, changed planned acivities to meet the (updated) needs of their students. Some activities had to be cancelled, some were added. And many were developed with future perspectives - leading to the establishment of activities and programs as fixed parts of the school's curricula. 

    Our Twinspace report contains descriptions of activities that can be carried out with students of all ages.