Ice-breaking tasks

  • Dear Pupils,

    Here is a list of ice-breaking tasks you should complete in order to introduce yourself to our partners and to get to know them.


    What should you do?


    1. Go to the TwinSpace page "Students get to know each other" Prepare a short introduction of yourself. Include your TwinSpace name, age, school & country and your interests
    2. On the TwinSpace page "Students get to know each other", prepare a text to provide some interesting information about you in the Students' Wakelet.
    3. Edit your TwinSpace profile adding name, age & grade, interests (sports, hobbies, free time) and preferences (food), skills (Foreign Languages)
    4. Select a member of the TwinSpace and visit his/her page. Remember: choose an international parnter (not someone from your class or school. Use their wall to post comments on their profile after reading their profile e.g. In my free time I like playing football. What do you like doing in your free time? or I noticed in your profile that you like collecting stamps. Do you have any rare ones?
    5. Send a message through TwinMail to two or three international partners and describe your town. 
    6. Use the chat tool to talk about online games and invite your eTwinning friends to play together one of the climate games suggested in the Games page 
  • Getting to know each other

    Students post information about themeselves

    in the Student Wakelet

    template for TwinMail message to partners
    Ella writes about Athens
    Students from Greece
    Kostas writes about Greece
    Pupils from Croatia
    Pupils from Year 8 in Croatia
    Students from Poland