Project Info

  • Project info


    Students' age: 10-15


    To help the students acquire knowledge and skills related to STEM

    To sensitize them on the need for a healthy environment

    To improve their FL and ICT skills

    Key competences to be developed 

    (based on the "Key competencies for lifelong learning", Official Journal of the European Union, 4-6-2018)


     Competences in science  

    • an understanding of the changes caused by human activity and responsibility as an individual citizen
    •  an attitude of critical appreciation and curiosity,
    • a concern for ethical issues and support for both safety and environmental sustainability, in particular as regards scientific and technological progress in relation to global issues.

    Multilingual competence

    • the ability to use the project language (English) appropriately and effectively for communication
    • the ability to mediate between project language and mother tongue 

    Digital competence

    • responsible use of digital technologies for learning,
    • communication & collaboration

    Learning to learn competence

    • the ability to reflect upon oneself,
    • effectively manage time and information,
    • work with others in a constructive way,
    • manage one’s own learning