Students' evaluation

  • Students use a Mentimeter to express their views regarding what they have learnt by participating in STEM4Change


    Due to social distancing rules, students could not use the ICT room when schools reopened. As a result, they evaluated the project using pen and paper. Their answers are collected below. 

  • Students' project evaluation (on paper)

    online meeting


    3D designing, climate change, Earth Day
    final online meeting, Kahoot

    renewable sources of energy, Earth Hour, climate change

    working with partners, making the glossary
    online games in Climate Action module, Kahoot, study for Kahoot with Google form
    Cisco Webex meeting with partners, playing Kahoot with partners, getting ready for assessment game with Google form

    "My initial score at the game was not good but I kept on studying and fill ed in the Google form a couple of times before I achieved a high score!" Jerry

    field trip, 3D designing with recyclable material,

    solar energy

    playing Kahoot with partners, translating poems, playing online games (Climate Change module)
    playing online environmental games, studying for & playing Kahoot

    Disappointed because of all the amazing activities cancelled due to COVID-19

    I liked making 3D designs and printing them using recyclable material
    liked the online meeting with our partners, learnt about renewable sources of energy & Earth Hour
    I like field trip & making Christmas decorations with recyclable material, learn about Earth Hour & Climate Change