Netiquette and more

  • What is netiquette?

    Netiquette is short for network etiquette, and is the set of rules that determines how to properly communicate and browse the web.

    • Check, then click – Before you post a comment, double check that you are saying exactly what you want to say.
    • Be yourself – If you want to get the most out of communicating online, be yourself.
    • We are only human – Remember that an actual person with real feelings, beliefs, imperfections and emotions is behind every message, email or comment.
    • Express yourself – Don’t be afraid to express yourself openly and honestly.
    • Allow others to express themselves, too – Remember that everybody has an opinion, so allow them to express it. You may have to agree to disagree on many issues, but just make your point and move on.
    • Respect people’s privacy – Don’t pass on another person’s private information or photos unless you have their permission.
    • Avoid conflict.

    Other issues to bear in mind while online