A. Meeting an expert from Finland

  • OŠ Petra Preradovića school and Galyna Medyna, Research Scientist, Finland
    9th October 2019

    Galyna Medyna is an experienced researcher and project manager with a demonstrated history of working in an international environment.

    Climate Focus Questions

    1. Is climate change the same thing as global warming?

    2. Why is climate change happening?

    3. Hasn't the Earth's climate changed before? What's different about climate change today?

    4. Where do the excess greenhouse gases come from?

    5. What is a carbon footprint?  

    6. Why should we care about what happens to the polar ice caps?  

    7. How does climate change affect the life of local birds?  

    8. How does climate change affect local plants and trees?  

    9. How does carbon dioxide gas help warm the planet?  

    10. Why does the ocean become acidic with excess carbon dioxide in the air?

    11. Where does carbon dioxide in the air come from?  

    12. How does burning fossil fuels create so much carbon dioxide?  

    13. How do renewable energies help combat global warming?  

    14. What food choices help fight the changing climate?

    15. Why do people argue about what to do about climate change?

    16. How does a tree help fight a changing climate?

    17. What can we do to stop climate change?