Meeting experts

  • Meeting experts who will help us understand climate change

    and renewable energy sources. 

    (click on the titles from A to  C below to find out more information about the experts and the online or onsite meetings they had with the project students)

    All project partners think of questions to ask the experts and submit them on stickies on the Google Jamboard "Questions about Climate Change"

    A. Meeting an expert from Finland (online)

    The Skype a scientist program matches scientists with classrooms around the world.

    The pupils of OŠ Petra Preradovića will be Skypeing with a research scientist from Finalnd:



    B. Meeting an expert from Greece (online)

    The pupils of the 10th Helioupolis Primary School meet Ms Maria Dimopoulou on Messenger. Ms Dimopoulou is the Environmental Education Advisor for the school district 10th HPS belongs to. 

    C. Learning from the experts (onsite)

    The project partners from Greece visited the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center and consolidated knowledge on renewable sources of energy which they had acquired in Science class. The children created a Sway presentation to share new knowledge with their project partners.