• The newly acquired knowledge is practiced with the use of a Google form "Environmental Education Quiz" and assessed with the environmental Kahoot game the students play during the Final Online Meeting. 

    Below one can see

    • the nicknames of the first five students who excelled at the assessment game
    • the overall score
    • the number of players 
    • the number of difficult questions
    • the students' comments in the chatbox. (Most students complained about the time allocated to each question which was less than a minute. Judging by the level of difficulty of the questions, project teachers concluded that the time allocated to complete each question should have been set to be more than a minute. As a result, they suggested that the students could improve their score by re-playing the game at home at their own time and pace, If the conditions permit, they may play the game at school)

    Podium screenshot: players who excelled 

    first three players


    Game over screenshot: the five players who have excelled at the game 

    30 students participated in the game. 10 questions were difficult. The overall score is low due to the short time limit.