Study material 3: Earth Hour

  • Earth Hour 2020

    Project schools contribute material (e.g. doc with advice on recycling, ppt with ideas for food waste, video with instructions on how to make a Chinese lantern) that project partners can use on the evening of March 28th, 2020 from 20:30 until 21:30  at school  (or even at home) with the lights off joining in the biggest world event to prevent Climate Change. 

    Click on Ideaboardz: Earth Hour 2020 Activities below to see the list of activities already suggested.

    Students add their ideas by clicking on the cross next to Activities BEFORE the event and submit the name of your school underneath your idea on the same sticky.

    Students vote for the ideas they like and add the most voted ones to the 2nd section: Activities DURING the event which includes all the ideas schools are planning to materialize on March 28th! Add the name of your school on the stickies describing activities you'll do. 


    Ideaboardz: Earth Hour 2020 Activities