• STEM4Change Project Partners' Online Meeting

    date: Thursday, May 28th, 2020

    time: 12:00 CET (5 mins before for students)

    Meeting room: 



    A. Get to know each other better

    Project children

    B. How is the world renewed after COVID-19 

    Project students

    • listen to the instructions provided by Ms Natalia
    • use the Renewed world after COVID-19? -STEM4Change Online Meeting
    • check out the column dedicated to their Transnational Group
    • click on the cross icon
    • post a news item or observation that you have made related to the topic of world renewal during COVID-19 (+ a photo if they wish) Information on the topic can be found on the TwinBoard of the Online Meeting Preparation page
    • react to posts in their TG (same column)
    • comment on posts in their TG (same column). Address partners by name, add your name
    • react to and comment on posts throughout the canvas 



    C. Kahoot Game "STEM4Change" Resources 

    Project students

    • type in their browser
    • supply the pin number provided by Ms Justyna
    • type their TwinSpace name
    • listen to to the teachers reading the game questions
    • play the game STEM4Change Quiz

    D. Project Evaluation

    Project students 


    Have lots of fun!

    Check out what you do after the meeting