Climate Change Glossary

  • Project students suggest words and phrases related to Climate Change in the project language (English) and type them onto the "Climate Change" Google spreadsheet.

    They record the words in English. 

    They also contribute text and recordings in partner languages (Croatian, Greek, Polish & Romanian) for the following words and phrases: climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, temperature, recycle. 

    To embellish the glossary, they create drawings of the words or phrases.

    The words & phrases, their recordings in English and in the partner languages as well as the images drawn to depict the words are all collected in the presentation "Climate Change Glossary" below.





    Working on the Glossary (March 2020 - May 2020)

    Project students suggest words and phrases related to Climate Change and type them onto the Google spreadsheet below. The words and phrases should be in English (project language). They also add the equivalent in their Native Language both in writing and orally. For the oral equivalent they should either download Audacity or use Vocaroo online voice recorder, record the words and upload the MP3 for each word in the Materials section/Files (Folder: MP3 4 eLexicon).  Project classes are invited to contribute the recordings in their native language for the six (6) entries in GREEN in the Google spreadsheet.

    Project students also draw the words or their content or present the words in a non-verbal way they prefer e.g. miming. They take photos of their presentation and upload them in the Materials section/Images (Folder: Photos 4 eLexicon)

    For inspiration check out the Wikipedia Glossary of climate change