3D printed designs

  • 3D printed jewelry designs by elementary school pupils

    Image below: Coronavirus earrings designed during the quarantine and closed schools. 3D printed using black recycled filament. 

    Image below: Set of jewelry (earrings and pendant set) for the eTwinning Science Creativity & Improvisation Club. This set was created out of NASA's 3D files, containing 3D scanned areas from Mars and the Moon. The pendant displays one of the more prominent craters on the Moon, named Copernicus. It was formed nearly a billion years ago by a colossal impact. The center of Copernicus is about 93 kilometers across. The earrings set displays 3D scanned regions of planet Mars, named Pahrump Hills. Pahrump Hills is an outcrop at the base of Mount Sharp on Mars' Gale Crater. The region contains sedimentary rocks that scientists believe formed in the presence of water.