Recycling Christmas

  • Although the holiday season may seem far away to consumers, customers may start to notice Christmas decorations in retail stores as early as September. There are marketing strategies planned in advance, as a key to the success of a retailer. According to an online survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers “Americans expect to spend $637 on holiday shopping this year, on average.” In 2018 alone, the transportation industry shipped a record-high of over 2.5 billion packages around the holiday season according to USA Today.

    Many people are starting to consider their impact on climate change following recent movements to reduce global carbon emissions, energy-related behavior, and product waste. A main topic of interest among individuals is the carbon footprint left from shipping goods. 

    The impact of environmental awareness on holiday consumer behavior inspired our schools' pupils to create Christmas decoration designs, then 3D print them, by using recycled filament from old refrigerators.

    Finally, we release our files to the public and make them available to any school/organization/individual with an access to a 3D printer, hopefully, environmentally aware too!



    Recycling in OŠ Petra Preradovića school, Croatia