October 2019 - December 2019

  • Phase I: October 2019 - December 2019

    October 2019

    Ice-breaking activities in the form of Mystery Skype, trying to guess where each partner is from.  Getting to know each other. Formation of Transnational Groups and international pairs

    Partner classes create a video message (duration 1 minute) introducing class, grade, school, city/town, country

    Pupils update their profiles, post a description of their physical appearance in the Forum of their Transnational Group for partners to draw them (vocabulary posted in Forum and Pages)

    Video of each partner school trying to locate project schools on a Google map.

    Each class posts information about class teachers, school, town/city, country (monuments, climate, products, …) on a Wakelet or ThingLink. 

    Transnational Group of Gamers create a Quizziz or Kahoot using the information provided.

    Partner classes meet online to introduce themselves formally and play the game


    November 2019

    Familiarization with Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change

    Activity 1: poster of SDGs (postermywall)

    Activity 2: Climate Change in European Languages (this can be done on European Day of Languages, September 26th) - so the preparation is done in September but presented in November ?

    Activity 3: Project logo. Each school prepares a logo which is uploaded to the Twinspace and then via a poll students vote.

    Material taken from Global Goals Project :  Global Goals poster and the 17 Goals icon posters

    related videos:

    ○     ‘We The People’ for the Global Goals

    ○     World’s Largest Lesson with Emma Watson

    ○     Just a Kid (with subtitles)

    ○     Ayush’s #GoalsProject Welcome Video


    December 2019

    Create Christmas cards and gifts using recycled materials. Christmas cards are sent to each partner school.