Mar. 2020 - E-book round 2: Erasmus AG Trier working on the stories our Spanish friends sent us (TRI)

  • We started to work on the stories that our Spanish friends wrote and sent to us in January. We read all the 40plus stories and chose our favourite 12 ones, the ones we liked best. We also did a challenge posed by our Spanish friends. They gave us over 40 Spanish sayings (in Spanish!) and we had to translate them and find the ones that fitted our 12 stories best. We sent our results to our Spanish friends.  

    Our job now was also to take those 12 stories and continue to write them, maybe add some detail here or there, a description, a diologue - whatever we thought would fit. We were to take those stories with us to our meeting in Valencia in April and we would have continued to work on the stories in Valencia in mixed German-Spanish groups. But sadly, our meeting in Valencia had to be cancelled because of Covid-19 and so far we haven't been able to carry on with our work on the stories as we are in lockdown. 

    It is June 2020 now and school is not yet back to normal with social distancing measures in place and half of the students still in homeschooling. Extra-curricular activities like our Erasmus AG are not allowed to take place. The organization of collaborative work in this situation and with a lack of digital tools available (in Germany) is difficult. We hope to be able to continue to work on the stories at some point, though.