Nov. 2020 - Postcards from The Way (Tri)

  • During the last art lessons, my class designed post cards related to the Saint James’ way. We consulted our school website, read the texts about the Erasmus+ project and filtered out important keywords such as “encounter” or “culture”. Our task was to choose one of the keywords, to include it in an illustrative drawing and to integrate the scallop shell (“concha de peregrino”) as a symbol. Thereby we had to stick to the “KISS”-rule (= Keep It Short and Simple). This wasn’t easy for most of us and we had to try different colours and fonts in order to find out the perfect match between the word and the drawing.
    Nowadays we are used to receiving digital messages via WhatsApp or other applications, so analogue post cards have become something rare and special. As it is very enjoyable to receive one though, we think that we shouldn’t give up this nice way of greeting people while travelling.

    Below you can see some of the postcards. They might become part of the digital book that other students are writing (which would be great) and we will also try and get them published in a little booklet. Maybe they can be sold here in Trier for a good cause and then people can write them from Trier. Have a look at our work. 


    Héloïse Neuberg, 9 d